Sanyo AH-23661 User's Manual

Sanyo Projector Accessories User's Manual - AH-23661.
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After the lens replacement (before attaching the top cabinet), check the following
1. Check the lens is properly installed.
2. Check no wiring is tangled on the gear of the lens motor or other mechanical


3. Check no parts is missing, or no mounting part is lost.

LCD Projector
Lens Replacement Procedure

Model Number

1AA6P1P5412-- (IFEK-EI)


Lens replacement should be performed by the qualified service
It should be followed by this procedure precisely.
Before an attempt to replace the lens, confirm the model number
(both the LCD projector and the lens) and prepare the proper lens.
Lens installation is different in cabinet design (Type A and B).
Before installation the lens, check cabinet design should be made.
The lens cover is on the lens for protection. Be sure to remove the
lens cover before installation.
When installing or removing the lens, be careful not to stain,
scratch or damage the lens.
If you have any questions, contact the dealers.

Notes on Lens Replacement

Following parts are contained in the packing.

● LENS    


{Except LNS-W11 (AH-23631)}

1 piece
1 piece (Part No. 910 322 9677)

Notes on Lens Replacement

Parts List

Printed in Japan


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